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Interview with Jay Zhou, CMO of Loopring. On decentralized exchanges, Loopring’s project, international expansion and more

The year 2017 definitely marks the big breakthrough of cryptocurrencies. Not only did the price of Bitcoin skyrocket, but altcoins also gained a lot of attention. This caused more people to join the investment craze and launch their own coin through initial coin offerings (ICOs) in order to attract funding for their projects. In

Thaw in the China crypto world – Hints of ICO ban only being temporary

As discussed in our previous article, we expect the Chinese government to permit ICOs in the near future. We saw the ban as temporary so that there was time to draft legislation and control the hot money and potential investment scams within the industry.  A recent interview on CCTV- 13, a government-run television channel in China, corroborates this view. Similarly, a

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Why China needs blockchain (but doesn’t need Bitcoin): Five predictions on the future of cryptocurrencies in China

Ever since the news got out that the Chinese government is blocking new ICOs, news sites and fora have been buzzing with speculations about the future of cryptocurrencies in China. Reactions vary from plain denial, clear misreading of the situation and doom-scenario forecasts for the global crypto market. Chinese coins took a strong hit (NEO went down 50% since the

Putting the ICO ban in perspective – What we can learn from China’s real estate market

Recently the Chinese government announced that it is considering to put all new ICOs on hold until further notice. The statement caused FUD amongst cryptocurrency investors and traders, and many scheduled ICOs, including Red Pulse (RPX), were postponed. One of the cryptocurrencies that suffered most from this was NEO, as the RPX’s initial coin offering

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