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China Crypto News provides you the latest news and insights about the Chinese blockchain industry.

Over the past few years China has proven to be a true global innovator. The likes of Alibaba and Tencent have become industry leaders in the field of e-commerce, O2O services and mobile payments. The same applies to Chinese companies in the field of fintech and blockchain.

Despite a major crackdown on ICOs and centralized exchanges in September 2017, China’s blockchain industry is thriving. Together with AI, blockchain is one of the focus areas for development in the most recent 5-years plan published by the central government.

Several Chinese projects already attracted global attention, including NEO, Vechain, Qtum among others. More Chinese projects are being launched every day and all across China vibrant meet-ups take place where blockchain enthusiasts share their experience and knowledge.

With China Crypto News we ensure you to be up to date on what’s happening in China. We are in touch with all leading projects and regularly conduct interviews with them to share their latest insights with you.

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