About Us

We aim to provide the latest information on cryptocurrencies and blockchain developments in China.
Over the past few years China has proven to be a true global innovator. The likes of Alibaba and Tencent have become industry leaders in the field of e-commerce, O2O services and mobile payments. The same applies to Chinese companies in the field of fintech and blockchain. NEO is the most famous example and recently entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.”
Our international team consist of people with strong backgrounds in software development, financial markets and compliance and investment banking and has almost a decade experience of doing business in China and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

Meet Our Team

Pieter Verstraete
Pieter VerstraeteFounder
Keen eye for business opportunities, focus on getting things done and a strong track record of building teams of talented Chinese and western professionals.
As sinologist with an MBA degree, Pieter Verstraete has over a decade experience launching western firms on the Chinese market and has been executing Chinese-funded  mergers and acquisitions in Europe.
Pieter is a crypto enthusiastic and avid reader of all the latest info news on digital currencies in China.
Robert van Aert
Robert van AertCo-founder
No nonsense, gets the job done and a great team player.
Robert Van Aert has been doing business in China for over 6 years, bringing western companies on the Chinese market and leading them to success.  When not managing his own extensive cryptocurrency portfolio, he acts as the operational manager of the project.
Alina Kabirova
Alina KabirovaPR, Marketing
UI and tech enthusiast, social butterfly and marketing specialist.
Her charm and wits gets her to talk to anyone.
Throw in the fact that she is fluent in 5 languages and you understand
we are proud to have Alina handling our PR and marketing.
Vivi Liu
Vivi LiuBusiness Development
Business savvy, tech background and international sales talent.
Vivi Liu brings 15 years of sales experience to the table, with a key focus on the banking sector.
With a career in IBM and leading European hardware and software providers, she has unlimited resources and a profound understanding of China’s tech scene. Lucky to have Vivi onboard.
Walter T.
Walter T.CTO
Tech expert with a critical mind and a warm heart.
Walter T. brings 25 years of tech experience to the table. He has been following cryptocurrencies since 2008. With a strong IT background, an entrepreneurial mindset and close to decade of managing tech teams in China, he is the right man to technically evaluate blockchain projects in China.
Yvette Jian
Yvette JianContributor
Digital native and being involved in several start-ups, including developing an education app and The Chinese Alt Coin Project, Yvette Jian is truly kickstarting her career.
With a background in monetary finance, it is no surprise that she has a strong interest in disruptive technologies like cryptocurrencies.
Her finance background and proficiency in three languages allows her to accurately report on the latest crypto news in China.